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Love My Health - Lifestyle Genetic Test - Shaw

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Love My Health - Lifestyle Genetic Test - Shaw

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LoveMyHealth™ is a comprehensive lifestyle test that looks at 84 genetic markers, and empowers you with personalized and actionable recommendations regarding nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, all tailored to your unique genetic makeup. The test looks at 8 essential areas of health, including: risk of nutritional deficiencies; intolerances and sensitivities; dietary strategies to reduce weight; fitness programs aimed to reduce injury risk and enhance recovery; hormone balance; and ability to detoxify common environmental factors that contribute to disease. Avoid the trial-and-error approach and tailor your lifestyle according to your genetic make-up for optimal health and disease prevention.


LoveMyHealth™ is a comprehensive and personalized lifestyle genetic report that provides useful information you can act on every day. What diet is best for you? What is your ideal fitness plan? What foods may you be sensitive to? What supplements should you be taking? Your genetic report will give you evidence-based recommendations in a customized lifestyle plan just for you! It’s like your very own Owner’s Manual… and all from a simple, non-invasive cheek swab that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Our DNA makes us who we are. Today, it is possible to understand how our DNA works and how it impacts our health. For too long we have been overloaded with confusing information about which diet and fitness plans are best for us, and which we should avoid. Now it’s time to make these decisions based on the unique information inside our DNA.

 Included amongst the categories covered are:

  • Food Sensitivities/Intolerances (e.g. alcohol; caffeine; gluten; lactose; sodium);

  • Detoxification (e.g. removal of chemicals in smoked & charred meats; ability to remove toxins using glutathione; histamine removal);

  • Diet (e.g. impacts of fat - saturated, polyunsaturated, omegas 3/6, etc; whole grains vs. simple carbs; triglyceride lowering diet);

  • Hormonal health (e.g. testosterone; estrogen; thyroid health);

  • Specific Nutrient Needs (e.g. vitamins A, B2, B9/Folic Acid, B12, C, D, E, etc; minerals - calcium, iron; omega 3 fatty acids; phosphatidylcholine; antioxidants);

  • Physical Health (e.g. physical fitness/exercise; bone health; pain tolerance; recovery time);

  • Obesity Risk (e.g. type 2 diabetes risk; appetite/satiety/exercise/eating habits); and

  • Brain Health (e.g. stress; mental health; cognitive health; addiction).


The LoveMyHealth™ test report can be helpful to understand the underlying cause of an issue someone might be experiencing or for those looking to be proactive about their health and to take steps to prevent disease.

The test will give you a comprehensive report on:

  • 8 categories
  • 43 subcategories
  • 84 SNPs
  • 65 Genes